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a canyon with a mountain in the background

We at Kauai ATV are dedicated to giving you an experience you won’t forget. We provide all of the equipment needed to explore Kauai and make the most of your vacation. Read on to see what we offer at Kauai ATV, or visit our Backroad Adventure Tour to learn more.

Things To See

Enjoy the great outdoors and wildlife, local attractions, and even famous historical buildings. Kauai is full of biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes, so there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

  • You will get to enjoy the Wilcox Tunnel which was built just after World War II. It runs about one-half mile and measures 20 feet by 20 feet. It’s only one of many of Kauai’s hidden treasures to explore.
  • We can’t forget the amazing waterfalls of Kauai. We at Kauai ATV offer a 3-4 hour Waterfall Tour that shows you some of the best of Kauai. Experience 23 miles of great views, lots of mud, and the lavish Hawaiian Jungle.
  • The Waita Reservoir is another “must-see”, let alone throwing in a fun-filled ATV tour at the same time. The Waita Reservoir was built over 100 years ago, right next to the Black Mountain Range and Mt. Haupu.

Rain or shine you can enjoy the outdoors with Kauai ATV. End the day with either a “red dirt tan” or a complimentary mud bath, free of charge. Remember it will stain everything and anything – so wear some clothes you don’t cherish. We do provide a complimentary bandana to keep the mud and dirt out of your face and mouth.

Wildlife Spotting

If you’re a fan of seeing animals in their natural habitat the Kauai ATV tour is for you! Kauai is home to a host of wildlife such as Muscovy ducks, Hawaiian Coots, Hawaiian Gallinule, Stilts, Pheasant, Hawaiian boar, and jungle fowl (chickens).

The reservoir also hosts largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Peacock bass, Tilapia, and Koi. The koi found in the Waita reservoir is what remains from the Japanese camp gardens that existed in that region during the plantation years.

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