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three UTVs driving on dirt roadDriving an ATV or a UTV can be just like driving a car when it comes to the need for signals. Since they don’t have turning signals or brake lights, that’s where you come in. There’s a hand signal for everything and they’re important to know. They’re fun to learn and practice, too!

Come show us your motor skills at Kauai ATV!

What Hand Signals Should You Know?

The ATV hand signals we will explain are common and generally accepted everywhere when it comes to all motor vehicles without turning signals. This knowledge will be useful under any circumstances and it’s a nice skill to have under your belt.

Even if you don’t own a motorcycle or an ATV, chances are you will encounter one at some point. It could, at the most, save someone’s life (including your own) by knowing ATV hand signals! Let’s hope it never comes to that point, though. Above all else, it’s something pretty neat to know your way around.

There are three main hand signals which include left turn, right turn and slowing down, and stopping.

  • Left or right turns – these are pretty self-explanatory. You just point whichever arm that’s in the direction you’re going outwards with your hand flat and facing downward. Your arm should be perpendicular to your body.
  • Slowing down – To signal that you’re slowing down you would put an arm out in the position we described above but  this time you’re going to wave it up and down a little as if it were a wing. You don’t need to do a whole half-circle, but you do need to move it enough for people to recognize you’re doing it.
  • Stopping – Lastly, and certainly not least. The most important hand signal is “stop”. For “stop” you’ll raise your left arm towards the sky and make a fist. This is the only hand signal where you’ll have your hand in a fist as opposed to open and flat.
  • A bonus signal – When someone is tapping the tops of their head, it means there is law enforcement ahead. This is your signal to slow down and be prepared to take a different path or take your helmet off and speak to them. (By the way, you should take your helmet off when speaking to anyone on the trail, to be polite.)

For all signals, use your left arm, besides making a right-hand turn.

ATV riding is a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. It is a community activity, so it’s important to keep everyone in mind!

Other Safety Concerns 

What you wear on your ATV ride is just as important as how you act behind the front wheels. It goes without saying that a helmet is necessary. Other protective gear is important as well, like boots that go over your ankles and clothes that cover all exposed skin. Eye protection is always helpful, too.

Kauai ATV Course

Don’t forget the most important part, having fun! And with Kauai ATV, you can’t go wrong. Here’s a little bit about our playground.

When you choose Kauai ATV you’ll experience a scenic tour of Kauai’s Southside while learning about the rich and cultural history of the Koloa Plantation, Mahaulepu Beach, Waita Reservoir, and Wilcox tunnel.

You’ll even see the “backlot of Hollywood” where movies such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise were filmed!

As ANOTHER bonus, we offer catch and release bass fishing with traditional bamboo fishing poles at the Waita Reservoir.

A half-mile hike on the sands of Mahaulepu Beach and a “talk story” about Kauai’s native flora and fauna round out our informative tour. And you’ll get to enjoy all of this from the comfort of your own Polaris off-road vehicle.

Our UTV, Polaris off-road vehicles are a form of ATVs, yes. BUT they’re different from a four-wheeler you’d normally think of, you can fit up to four people in them. That way, riders that are too young can experience the tour still and friends that simply want to be together can be side by side during the whole trip! They’re also safer than a regular ATV because there are seatbelts and a “cabin” meaning if an accident does happen there will be something blocking you from the ground and the vehicle. Not that, that’s anything to worry about because these UTVs are big, sturdy, and safe.

Our Kauai ATV Backroads Adventure is waiting for you!

Now that you’re ready let’s get you on an ATV with Kauai ATV!

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