Here's the "dirt" on dirt...

Rain or shine, you WILL get dirty. Kauai is famous for its Technicolor red volcanic dirt. If the weather has been dry, you will get what is called a 'red dirt tan'. If it has been been raining, then you will get a complimentary mud bath treatment. Wet or dry, remember that red dirt stains absolutely everything, so unless you are planning on making your own souvenir red dirt shirts, please consider the following:

Do not bring or wear anything that cannot get dirty, muddy or wet.

The less you bring the better.

If it's raining, bring a poncho. Even though you are in Hawaii, it can get chilly when you get wet and stay wet.

We provide you with a complimentary souvenir bandana to keep the dirt, dust and mud out of your mouth.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings. If it's valuable, don't bring it on tour with you.