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a car on a dirt roadDo something dirty this year! Go off-roading with Kauai ATV. Kauai is the least populated of the main Hawaiian Islands which will give you the chance to see a relatively untouched paradise.

We offer the Kauai ATV Back Roads and Adventure tour. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity located in the small town of Koloa. You’ll ride through spots only Kauai ATV can take you.

Your tour will be an intimate experience with your family, friends, and Kauai’s hidden treasures.

Off-roading To Outdoor Kauai Treasures

Kauai ATV provides a guided three hour tour that takes you on 18 miles of off road trails. This ATV tour encompasses some of the best views in Kauai including: beautiful ocean views, Movie sites, the Wilcox Tunnel and the Waita Reservoir. You’ll be able to go catch and release fishing with traditional bamboo fishing poles at the end of the tour (weather permitting).

The Wilcox tunnel was built just after World War II. It was engineered by Elbert Gillin, who was a plantation engineer at the time. It runs about one half mile long  and measures twenty feet by twenty feet.

You’ll get to see the incredible views of the, over a hundred year old, Waita Reservoir (also referred to as Hauiki Reservoir, Marsh Reservoir or Kōloa Reservoir).

The Waita reservoir lies right in front of Kauai’s Tree Tunnel and Old Koloa Sugar Mill. It is an inland body of fresh water, one of the biggest in Hawaii. It appears as a huge Oasis with the background of the Black Mountain Range and Mt. Haupu in Koloa as seen in Jurassic park.  

The Koloa Sugar Mill stands as a testimony to Hawaii’s booming sugar industry. From 1912-1996 The Koloa Mill was the highest producing sugar mill in the state of Hawaii.

After the closure in 1996, the mill became a popular tourist attraction popping up in countless vacation photos and home movies. Since the Waita Reservoir is closed to the general public, it is still a favored site for Hollywood movies, like Jurassic Park and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

What To Expect Off-roading in Kauai

The Kauai ATV tour will take you from Mauka to Makai on the old sugar cane haul roads used in the plantation days and you’re going to want to come prepared!

The trip proceeds rain or shine and rain or shine you WILL get dirty. Kauai is famous for its Technicolor red volcanic dirt. If the weather has been dry, you will get what is called a ‘red dirt tan’. If it has been raining, then you will get a complimentary mud bath treatment.

Wet or dry, remember that red dirt stains absolutely everything! Do not bring or wear anything that cannot get dirty, muddy or wet.

The less you bring the better. We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings. If it’s valuable, don’t bring it on tour with you.

If it’s raining, bring a poncho or a raincoat. Even though you are in Hawaii, it can get chilly when you get wet and stay wet.

Kauai ATV provides you with a complimentary souvenir bandana to keep the dirt, dust and mud out of your mouth.

Tips For Off-roading in Kauai

Don’t forget to leave your valuables at home. Don’t bring unprotected cameras and digital devices or anything else that cannot get dirty, wet or lost.

Bring sunscreen and bug spray!

Bring something to protect you from the rain.

Wearing light pants is best.

Wear your facemask to protect yourself!

Don’t wear flip-flops on your ATV ride!

The Rules Of A Kauai Off-roading Tour

Polaris drivers must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 25 years of age or older.

For health reasons, people with back problems, recent surgeries, bone/joint problems, heart conditions or people who are pregnant are not permitted to participate.

Drivers are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle while on the tour. Collateral is required upon check-in.

Come Off-roading With Kauai ATV

Kauai ATV made Trip Advisor’s top five best ATV tours! And has received only five star reviews! You can’t go wrong here.

Come explore Kauai on four wheels and schedule your off-roading with Kauai ATV!

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