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When you go on an ATV ride, the last thing you want to worry about is your footwear. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of wearing flip-flops when they take this type of adventure. This can be a dangerous decision for a few reasons.  In this blog post, we will discuss why you should never wear flip-flops on an ATV ride.

Reason 1: Flip Flops Are For The Beach

They slip on and off easily, so you can enjoy the soft sand on your feet and take a dip in the ocean.  They are not meant for long use riding shoes through rough terrains where they can easily fly off your feet.  It’s happened before and is sure to happen again unless you’re reading this blog beforehand, so please continue for the sake of your feet.

Reason 2: Flip, Flop, Foot, Break!

Many ATVs include a foot brake. In addition to the parking brake by your hands, the foot brake will be your main way of stopping and slowing down the ATV. With flip-flops and sandals, using a footbrake can be dangerous.

If your flip flop gets caught in the foot brake, it can lead to a malfunction. This can cause the brake not to work as soon as you need it and potentially cause an accident or crash.  ATV accidents are extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. You should always wear closed-toe shoes when you go on an ATV ride.

Reason 3: No Protection or Stability

Flip flops are not safety footwear.  If you are going on an ATV ride, be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. This will protect your feet in the event of a crash and from flying rocks, dirt, or other debris that could cause damage to your toes and feet.

Flip flops also have very weak soles making it very difficult to walk through anything that isn’t flat and even.  If you get off the ATV you’ll likely have to walk through mud or dirt, a situation that requires strong soled shoes for better balance and stability.

Reason 4: Flip-Flopping Skin

Following no protection, if you do have an accident on the ATV in flip flops, your exposed feet are more likely to get scraped, cut, impaled with the flying debris, or worse you could break your toes!  This would not make the rest of your trip to Kauai a very enjoyable experience.  So, save yourself from a lot of pain and wear closed-toed shoes.

Wearing closed-toe shoes is the best way to protect yourself from potential injuries while enjoying an ATV ride.

Now that you know all of the reasons why you shouldn’t wear flip-flops on an ATV ride, we hope you reserve them for the beach and flat terrains to have the most enjoyable ATV ride and the best time in Kauai.

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