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Are you thinking of an off-road adventure? But you’re not sure what type of vehicle you’d like to take off-road? We’ve got the similarities and differences for you so you can make an informed decision and plan the best adventure you’ve had yet!

Riding an ATV or a UTV is loads of fun but there are differences, so it’s important to choose what’s right for you and your family.

An ATV which stands for an all-terrain vehicle has many names. For example, if you hear someone say “quad”  (meaning four wheels) or most commonly, a “four-wheeler” they are referring to an ATV. ATVs can only safely support one person. Although they’re great, Kauai ATV used UTVs to make the experience more family and friend, friendly.

How Are UTVs Family-friendly?

Like I mentioned before, an ATV can only have one rider, whereas a UTV which stands for utility task vehicle) can have at least two and sometimes up to four riders in the “cabin”, which can sit side by side. In fact, that’s often what UTVs are called “Side by Sides” or “SXS”.

An ATV was designed for fun. A UTV is actually a subcategory of ATVs. It is still all-terrain but was originally designed for work purposes. Now side-by-sides AND four-wheelers are used for recreation.

Kauai ATV chose UTVs because they are safer and they open more possibilities as far as having experiences with your family. Only people 18 and older are allowed to drive the ATVs, so the cabin allows all the younger siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, and friends, to come along, too. Otherwise, it’s likely the whole family wouldn’t be going. You can’t leave your little guys at home!

The Differences

With a four-wheeler, you can only ride by yourself which makes it easy for maneuvering through turns and bends. A four-wheeler can also be used for speed and racing. If that’s what you’re looking for, definitely go with a quad.

ATVs don’t have seatbelts, the driver needs to be able to move around safely to control the vehicle. UTVs do have seatbelts. UTVs are more comparable to a regular car.

A UTV is good for carrying cargo and passengers, it is simply the better choice for groups of people that include all ages and maybe people that don’t feel comfortable driving but would come along as a passenger, or just the simple fact that two to four people may want to have this experience sitting side by side!

The Similarities

For starters, the main similarity is that ATVs and UTVs are built to take you off-road and on any terrain. They also each have four wheels so they’re both relatively safe. Four wheels are better than two like motorcycles or dirt bikes have.

Why Kauai ATV Chooses UTVs

Not only do they allow for more people to go on the adventure. They’re also safer. If an accident did happen and a regular ATV flipped over, sideways, or upside down, there would be nothing to protect you from the weight of the vehicle. With a UTV, there is a cage, so to speak, that would stop you from getting squished by the UTV. UTVs in general are more stable, sturdier, and a perfectly well functioning off-road medium.

Polaris RZR 1000 4 Seater UTVs

We are part of the Polaris Adventures Experience, providing safe, memorable adventures throughout North America. We have the largest Polaris fleet in the Pacific, our  RZR XP 1000 4’s provide the ultimate in touring adventure.

What You’ll Experience with Kauai ATV

When you choose Kauai ATV you’ll experience a scenic tour of Kauai’s Southside while learning about the rich and cultural history of the Koloa Plantation, Mahaulepu Beach, Waita Reservoir, and Wilcox tunnel all while riding around on your Polaris UTV!

You’ll get to see the “backlot of Hollywood” where movies such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise were filmed. Who doesn’t want to be in the middle of one of your favorite movie sets?

And when the weather permits, we offer catch and release bass fishing with traditional bamboo fishing poles at the Waita Reservoir.

Kauai ATV

If these UTV tours sound like they’re for you contact us today, to book your spot on the most beautiful and diverse island of Hawaii! You can call us at (808) 742-2734email us at – or just visit our tours and bookings page on the website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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