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a motorcycle is parked on the side of a mountainIf you’re an ATV or off-roading enthusiast, you know that there are a few common issues that can occur while out on the trail. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common problems and how to avoid them. By knowing what to look for and how to fix things when they go wrong, you’ll be able to enjoy your rides without any unwanted surprises!

Avoid Risky Maneuvers and Trails

You may have heard the common quote – “prevention is the best medicine”. This applies heavily to off-roading and driving ATVs.

A lot of issues that come up in off-roading are due to getting in over your head and taking the vehicle through terrain that you and the ATV aren’t equipped to handle. It can be easy to think you can make it over/through anything when you are driving such a powerful vehicle, but they aren’t indestructible.

Consider the capabilities of your vehicle honestly and objectively to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your vehicle. You want to be even more careful if you are renting a vehicle, as you will be responsible for damages you cause to a rental ATV.

Overconfidence is one of the worst things to have in any adrenaline sport/activity.

Know Your Route

Having a good idea of where you’re going, where you’re supposed to turn around, and the terrain you’re riding on are key to having safe and fun time off-roading.

If you’re not confident that what you are driving on is a trail it’s best to avoid it. Following a false or wrong trail can lead to you getting stuck in tight or dangerous terrain, which could mean you have to perform risky maneuvers to get out of that position.

Being familiar with the terrain is also a huge advantage and helps you avoid any sticky situations. Ask locals, and if you’re renting ask the staff about any tricky obstacles that require you to slow down and think about the best way through them.

Check Water Depth On Any Crossings

Depending on where you are off-roading, you may encounter river, creek, and stream crossings. It is crucial to know the depth of the water and how strong the stream is running. If you are unfamiliar with these crossings, you should know that running water is much stronger than it looks. It is easy to put your ATV into water that is too deep or strong to power through.

If you encounter a crossing that you are even slightly unsure of, find a long stick or branch to depth check. You should thoroughly probe the bottom of the water for depth, any holes or deep divots, and unexpected obstacles that could cause you to tip or fall into deeper water.

This is even more important during periods of heavy rain, even if a few days have passed. These bodies of water can change quickly and are different every day, especially after heavy rainfall. With a bit of caution and common sense, you can be confident crossing water and know that you are safe.

Bring A Buddy Or Tell Someone Your Planned Route

One of the best ways to stay safe is to bring along a buddy, and/or let someone else know your plans. That way, if something goes wrong, there’s someone who can come looking for you. Make sure you have a good plan for where you’re going and how you’ll stay safe, and then stick to it. And always remember that safety comes first – even if it means ending your off-roading adventure early.

Off-Roading can typically take you away from cell service and if you get into trouble. Having a buddy or someone who knows your planned route and expected return times ensures you will be safe if something goes wrong.

You’re Ready To Ride!

Now that you know some common issues with off-roading and how to avoid them, you’re ready to get out there and adventure! Off-roading can be a great way to explore the outdoors, but it’s important to be prepared. Make sure you have a well-maintained vehicle and know your route before you head out. And always be cautious when driving on unfamiliar terrain.

With a little planning and preparation, you can have a safe and enjoyable off-roading experience. So what are you waiting for? Hit the trails and explore the great outdoors!

If you’re looking for some off-roading adventures on the island of Kauai, visit Kauai ATV! We have some of the best terrain and vehicles that Hawaii has to offer, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time with us. Feel free to give us a call or email with any questions you may have about ATV riding on Kauai.

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